2019 March Madness Bracket Challenge

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The March Madness Bracket Challenge at is back!

It’s free to signup, just fill out the form below and watch ALL of the games with us!

The last day to signup is March 14th

Signup on the form below and look out for an email from CBS Sports on selection Sunday with Final Details. Remember that you only have 2 days to fill out your bracket!

Perfect Bracket – FREE select Dinner item everyday for a Year
1st place – Free select Dinner item everyday for a month
2nd place – Free select Dinner item everyday for a week
3rd place – One Free select Dinner item

*Free dinner is equal to one item off of our menu


It’s easy to signup just fill out the form below and you’ll get a confirmation email on selection Sunday from CBS Sports. Once you get the email from CBS simply follow the instructions to fill out your bracket online and you’ll be entered…

March Madness is a phenomenon that grips the national sports psyche from the second week of March through the first week of April. March Madness is the moniker that is given to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments. These tournaments determine the national champions of college basketball.

The NCAA tournaments are an American tradition that sends millions of fans into a synchronized frenzy each year. It’s this chaos that gives the tournament its March Madness nickname. March Madness is the concentrated hype of 68 teams vying for college basketball’s biggest prize. It’s the last-second, buzzer-beating baskets, the euphoria of winning to play another day and the agony of losing and going home.

Super Bowl Wings Pre-Order

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Toast the New Year at Cavs Rittenhouse

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Ring in 2019 in style with us at Cavs Rittenhouse!

Celebrate all night long on New Year’s Eve in Rittenhouse….
It’s gonna be a night to remember with….
– DJ pumping all your favorite top 40 jams
– Premium Open Bar from 9p-1a
– Gastropub style buffet w/all your Cav’s Favorites
– Ball Drop on all the TV’s
– Pub games including darts & more!
Plus, a complimentary champagne toast at midnight!
The countdown to the New Year will be here before you know it, don’t miss out on a great night to get your PARTY ON!

10th Anniversary Party w/FREE Cav’s Sauce!

Cavs Ritt Anniversary Blog

Happy Birthday to us!

Cav’s Rittenhouse is turning 10 years old and we want all of our friends and loyal customers, both old and new, to celebrate!
Sunday December 16th ~ Starts at 6:30pm
Join us for an open bar featuring domestic beer & well drinks, get a complimentary bottle of our infamous Cav’s Sauce (while supplies last,) and enjoy cool prizes, giveaways, and much more!
Plus, the Eagles will be facing the Rams at 8:20pm and we’ll have some specials like…
~ $3.75 Bud Lights 
~ $5 Carlsberg Drafts
Cav’s Sauce giveaway starts at 6:30pm, don’t be late or you might miss out!
Prizes and giveaways include Eagles swag like Super Bowl shirts, coozies, coolers, and a special edition Super Bowl Bud Light pack!

We want to thank our friends, family, staff, and loyal customers for making these last 10 years amazing… We couldn’t have done it without you guys 💕

21+ w/ valid ID only ~ Please drink responsibly.

Ugly Sweater Party w/ Miller Lite

Cavs HH Ugly Sweater Banner
Break out those ugly sweaters from Christmases past and wear ’em proudly for the Ugly Sweater Party at Cav’s Rittenhouse!
Join us and our friends from Miller Lite for a wild night of draft specials, giveaways, and more!
Wednesday, December 12th ~ 6pm to 9pm ~ 22oz. Miller Lite Draft Special 
We’ll have the Miller Lite girls in the house and a ton of Miller swag giveaways like holiday-themed knitwear, Uber codes, and so much more!
Giveaways from 7pm to 9pm…Winners of the Miller swag will be announced at 9pm!
21+ w/ valid ID only ~ Please drink responsibly.

Fantasy Football & College Alum Packages


Now booking Fantasy Draft & College Alumni Parties!

Cavs Rittenhouse is the place to be for Fantasy Football….

We’re offering 2 packages…See Below:

Package One: $35.00 per person includes a 3 Hour Basic Open Bar with a choice of one menu item (excludes the sampler platter, macho nachos, and the Irish Favorites)

Package Two: $45.00 per person includes a 3 Hour Premium Open Bar with a choice of one menu item (excludes the sampler platter, macho nachos, and the Irish Favorites)

*College Alumni Football Parties*

$100 signing bonus to the Alumni coordinator & a FREE open bar for the first half of the first game of the season!

Private Rooms Available w/sound on for your game!

Email pete@cavsrittenhouse.com for further information & to book your party today!

The 11 Types Of Fantasy Football Players

As America’s most popular sort gets ready to kick off, America’s most popular play-pretend sport is gearing up itself. Every league has these types. Which are you?


The Beane

The Beane

The Beane is named for Oakland A’s GM Billy (though that picture is of the much more attractive Brad Pitt, who played him in the movie Moneyball, based on the Michael Lewis book. Yeah, dude’s a star.). This player wheels and deals. You’ll get multiple versions of the same trade offer every week. If you’re not paying attention to the waiver wire, you’re going to lose out to the Beane every single time. Crafty and smart and just arrogant enough to drive you crazy, the Beane is one of the most frequent fantasy champions. Not to be trifled with.

The Push-Over

The Push-Over

Every league has one, and everyone falls over each other trying to screw him out of his best players before everyone else does. Get him drunk and tell him how the Texans are really worried about Arian Foster’s torn Labrum Made-upus. He’ll be trading you Foster for a high school football coordinator in no time. If your league’s commissioner is the Push-Over, you’re in trouble. Without a leader who has the courage of his convictions, your league will devolve into message board squabbles and epic email chains where epithets are hurled like Tim Tebow passes, which is to say recklessly and with a holy fervor.

The Dictator

The Dictator

Every good fantasy commissioner is the Dictator. He knows what he wants the league to look like, and your job is to facilitate that vision. Want PPR (Points Per Reception)? Too fucking bad. Disagree with a trade? None of your fucking business. The only danger is when the Dictator commish takes his or her power too far. A few years ago my league featured a calamitous deal where the commish picked up Vincent Jackson (he had held out that year, leaving him on the waiver wire a few weeks into the season) and immediately traded him for Adrian Peterson with a player who wasn’t paying attention. I had to take a Silkwood shower after the ensuing email disaster.

The “Who?”

The "Who?"

The “Who?” prides him or herself on using the later rounds to take players you’ve never heard of. Did a guy just make the team because he wowed on the practice squad? The “Who?” is going to take that guy and tell you how great he was at Yale and that if he had gone anywhere else he’d have been a first round pick. 98% of the time, The “Who?” drops half of his players before the first game. Sleepers are only fun until you have to actually put together a lineup.

The Homer

The Homer

“I don’t care that you think I’m crazy. I’m taking Fred Jackson in the top five and when it comes back around Ryan Fitzpatrick is coming home.” The Homer foolishly puts his or her love for a real NFL team above his or her love for the imagined team that is being gambled on. The Homer rarely wins a league unless they’re from New Orleans, Green Bay, or occasionally New England. (In the interest of full disclosure, I have both Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden on my team. But I swear Weeden was a joke.)

The Librarian

The Librarian

The Librarian shows up to the draft drowning in literature. Football Outsiders? Check. Matthew Berry? Check. Some obscure newsletter you’ve never heard of, but totally, definitely has the best track record in fantasy? Check, and don’t you dare ask for the name, because he’s not sharing it. The Librarian will seem more skilled early on, but as the draft enters its later rounds, he’ll be too engrossed in his papers to pay attention to who has actually been picked. People will yell at him.

The Gambler

The Gambler

The Gambler isn’t happy to just have one sum of money on the line with his fantasy season. He needs side bet on top of side bet. A weekly high score pool and a weekly head-to-head bet against another owner is the bare minimum for this guy. The Gambler is also the most likely to end up streaking through the local Chick-Fil-A singing Lady Gaga when he doesn’t make the playoffs, because if there’s nothing on the line, how can he even enjoy these games, man? He also probably does cocaine.

The Revolutionary

The Revolutionary


The Revolutionary wants change and he wants it now. He’ll evangelize about the merits of the auction-draft format. He’ll demand PPR before considering joining a league. He wants bonuses for big yardage days, and a flex spot in the lineup. And don’t even think about having a team defense in the era of drafting Individual Defensive Players.

Every league needs a good revolutionary. He keeps things from getting stagnant and brings the rest of the players the latest developments from the Fantasy Football Laboratory of Gambling Fun. But if you have the Push-Over as your commissioner, there’s no one more dangerous. It’ll only be a matter of time before you end up having to pick a Premier League soccer star for tie-breakers.

The Parrot

The Parrot

The Parrot has no opinions of his own. He has Colin Cowherd’s opinions and Tony Kornheiser’s and Mike Wilbon’s and Bill Simmons’ and Terry Bradshaw’s and Michael Irvin’s and Howie Long’s and…

The Time Traveler

The Time Traveler

The Time Traveler watches the NFL, but only kinda. Everything they know about the league, they learned from Madden NFL 2004. They’ll draft Randy Moss fifty spots early. Ask where Brett Favre landed, and be shocked to discover that Plaxico Burress is a free agent. They’ll end up with a team of guys they only half know. And yeah, they’ll often win the league, because people who pick March Madness brackets based on the uniform colors often win too.

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

This guy shows up at your draft, drinks a lot of beer, eats more than his fair share of the food, promises to pay later, takes forever on his picks, and talks trash the whole time. After one week, he stops checking his lineup. After five weeks it becomes clear that he’s never going to pay, and in week 11, he’ll cost you a spot in the playoffs when his entire team has a bye against your rival. There is no worse scum in the fantasy football universe.


Erin Express 2018

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2018 Erin Express

  • It will be 3 Saturdays in a row, March 3rd, 10th and 17th
  • Buses are NOT running on the 3rd, however all bars will be participating. Doors open around 10am. Cavanaugh’s University City, Wahoo’s Tacos, Smokey Joes and the Blarney Stone will be your best bets for a good time
  • Buses ARE running on March 10th & 17th starting at 11am. First pickup is 39th & Sansom
  • On the 10th & 17th Wahoo’s Tacos is opening at 7amCavanaugh’s University City, New Deck Tavern and Slainte will open at 9am. Buses start around 11am at which time ALL locations will be open. Buses stop running at6pm.
  • There will be ONE bus running in a loop between 39th and Sansom and 2nd and South for Cavs Headhouse, the rest of the buses will be running the full route from West Philly to Center City to Fairmount and back to West Philly.
  • Liberty Bar, Bonners (the Armory) and Cavs Rittenhouse will all be part of ONE Center City stop, which will be at the corner of 23rd and Market st.
  • A few of the locations have an outside Festival style party or outdoor space; Cavanaugh’s UC, Blarney Stone, New Deck Tavern, The 23rd St Armory (Bonners)

Click here for more info!

National Ugly Sweater Day w/Miller Lite!

Celebrate National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day with us at Cavs Rittenhouse……

Get in the spirit of the holidays & bring out your ugliest sweater!

Friday, Dec. 15th, join us for our Ugly Sweater Party ft. Drink Specials w/Miller Lite!

$3 Miller Lite bottles, $5 holiday themed cocktails, Giveaways and prizes for best “ugly sweater”

From 8pm till Midnight, order up….
* $3 Miller Lite Bottles
* $5 Holiday themed Specialty Cocktails

Plus prizes for best “Ugly Sweater”, give-aways & cool swag for all!

Nothing like a little holiday cheer…….

Holiday Hours

Open for normal hours Christmas Eve, New Years Eve & New Years Day…

Christmas Day 7pm open w/the Eagles game on at 8:30p w/sound and Holiday Specialty Cocktails!

Christmas Eve: 11:30am till close
Christmas Day: 7pm open

New Years Eve: 11:30 till 2am (Open to public)
New Years Day: 11:30am till 2am